Friday, February 19, 2010

Off topic

The big news today is that Tiger made a statement about his issues. Ed (husband) and I watched but there wasn't anything surprising in what he said. I am sure the news shows will go on and on about it but there just isn't anything else to say about him, his wife, or his kids. Leave them alone, is all I can say.

Meanwhile, my state (Arizona) is controlled by the republican party and has managed to out-do themselves with truly ridiculous legislature. They voted for free hunting and fishing for Eagle Scouts but refused to add Gold Medal Scouts (the Girl Scout's equivalent). There is a bill to increase the wait time for divorce, a bill that will require all candidates for the president to prove their citizenship for Arizona elections, one to change the federally mandated minimum wage for those 18-22 to 75% of the minimum...and it goes on and on. Meanwhile, they have not finished balancing the budget for this fiscal year. Insanity in my home state.

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