Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Reform

We went shopping yesterday for my uniform and I really enjoyed it. This is an outfit I would wear normally, really. Well, I prefer a skirt to pants but khaki skirt/pants with a colored shirt is right up my alley. I also found a green hoodie to match since I figure that I will be in and out of a refrigerated space and I don't want to cover up my outfit with the wrong colored jacket.

Today we did a couple of things. The reason Ed is going up North is to help with butchering the pigs that our friend has been raising (one for each family). For any Vegans or for those who don't want to know where their meat comes from I won't go into any details but once the pork is off the bone it has to be bagged for storage. That's where my part of the work would have come in and that's what my handy-dandy FoodSaver is for. Since I won't be there, Ed will have to help Darryl butcher and then do the bagging and sealing himself. Michele, Darryl's wife, may be able to help him though she will be doing all of theirs so may not have time.

To assist him with that I made bags in advance out of all the rolls of FoodSaver bags we have so that he doesn't have to do that first. This way he will only have to place the meat in the bag and press on the vacuum/seal button. It's actually kind of fun to play with this thing and I also vacuum packed the steaks he brought home while I was doing this.

Since this doesn't require all of my attention I have been watching the Healthcare debate while sealing bags. It is wonderfully illuminating. There will be no deal, that's all I can see from this. Reconciliation is the only answer now and I wish that the public option was going to be the way we go.

We have 2 cats; Marty and Sammmy (Samantha). Marty enjoys going outside and for awhile I was letting him out with me when I smoked on the front porch. We have a courtyard and he didn't seem to want to leave it so we were both happy...until he actually jumped the courtyard wall one night and I had to cut him off. During Ed's shopping trip today I asked him to get harnesses for both cats so that we can let them out again on a leash. Getting the harnesses on the cats was very, very interesting. Marty adjusted quite nicely and has been outside with me already. Samantha, though, has not adjusted well and is still slinking around the house as if she has a brick on her back. It's pretty funny. I am going to take her outside next to see if she enjoys it. They really have no choice about it but I like to act as if they do.

Tomorrow morning is my first day of work so I will try to enjoy this evening. Bummed that Project Runway isn't new this week but it's for the best since I have to get up so early tomorrow.

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