Monday, April 5, 2010

Not a jewelry designer either

I own the components to make as much jewelry as you could imagine wanting. I prefer silver and copper for my medals and lapis and turquoise for my stones. I get in a creating mood and get everything out and then find that I have no idea what to do with them. I can make designs that I see in the many magazines and books I own on the subject but I have absolutely no new ideas of my own. I even have this great silver/clay stuff from which you can create your own silver components, rings, etc. and then fire and finish. It's all still in the box because I don't know what I would make with it.

I think I will ask the creative people I know to design something and I will make it. We can be partners. Because I still have the urge to make things and I still don't have any ideas in my brain.

Calling all jewelry designers: send me your designs and I will make them. We can decide what to do with them once I am finished. If you need to see what supplies I have with which to work I can photograph and email them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not a writer, it turns out.

I just don't write. That's the bottom line. I have lots of things to say and I format them in my head and modify the sentences, etc. but I don't have the discipline to actually write. It feels like a chore and I am not a fan of chores.

Nothing new in the world of Walmart cashiering. The job doesn't tax me in any way except that I would always rather stay home then go anywhere. Once I am there I count down the hours until I get to go home again. The day is broken up quite nicely by breaks and lunch. 15 minute break 2 hours into the shift, 1 hour lunch at 4 hours, and then another 15 minute break at 6 hours. My favorite days are when it's busy enough that all my breaks are a little late so the rest of the shift goes faster afterward.

Once in a blue moon I am irritated by either a customer or a coworker but not enough to crack through my mood much. Mostly I smile, scan, bag, and smile. I like it busy rather than slow because we have to clean, zone, bag for each other, or anything else to stay busy. I can get pretty anal about the cleaning and zoning but there is still only so many ways to wipe down the area and straighten the candy and drinks, you know? And bagging for each other only works if there are customers. I prefer to be at a register that gets the bulk of the customers whether busy or not so I don't have to constantly worry about whether my coworkers need help. Not that I am unwilling to help, it's just easier not to have to worry about it.

I continue to learn my produce codes. Did I mention that I found out these codes are universal? So bananas are 4011 at all grocery stores everywhere. That means I wouldn't have to relearn the codes to get a job at another grocery store...and you can well imagine how that pleases me.

Today is Easter. Alex called me to let me know that he is having pressure and pain in one of his eyes and that it is bloodshot but not goopy. He needs to get seen so I referred him to El Rio Community Health Care since he has no insurance. It's Sunday so they aren't open but he will call tomorrow to find out how to register with them and get seen. Their web page discusses all of the extreme patient types that they take care of such as the homeless, HIV/AIDS patients, pregnant patients, etc. but they don't mention the working poor. I hope they have room for Alex who isn't homeless, just too poor to pay for health insurance. I will now worry about him until I hear back that he has an appointment and then that he has been diagnoses and treated. The other option is that his symptoms will completely go away and then I won't worry about all the dire possibilities that involve his symptoms. Knowledge may not be dangerous but it sure is uncomfortable.

The weather is fricking amazing in Tucson right now. It will get too hot to be comfortable soon but right this moment it is perfect. It's the little things.