Saturday, October 8, 2011

Feeling inspired to write...again

I couldn't even remember where my old blog was that I haven't written in eons but decide to use google to find a blogging site to use...realize my blog is on google and that I might as well use it instead of starting another. I revamp it a bit, new title, new photo, etc.

Ready to go...and don't feel like writing anymore. I can't even figure out what motivates me to write but I am pretty sure that until I start writing more I won't figure out how to let things flow as they should.

If you think that you were meant to be a writer all of your life but you just never actually did it does it mean you were too lazy? Too busy? No ideas? What? I tell people that writers write and so I am clearly not a writer...yet I feel like a writer who just doesn't happen to be writing right now.

I view the world as a narrator; there has always been the storyteller in my head explaining each scene in my life which definitely makes it difficult to actually live my life unself-consciously. I am always looking for funny things to share with my people -- so I guess that is the kind of writer I need to be. Nothing original, really. Just write about things I find interesting or care about. Okay. I will try that.

Now I am going to go feel self-conscious for having written something no one will ever read or see...but I will be back to do it again.

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