Saturday, October 8, 2011

Afternoon rambling

I always think that I am going to be crazy embarrassed to read what I have written in the past but I just re-read this entire blog and I don't mind it at all. I like my writing so I should definitely do more of it.

Drunk-writing again, though the drink I made was too strong so feeling more sick than drunk. I will probably have to take a nap again but that is one of my favorite weekend things anyway so it's all good.

I have been so into the entire #PRFAIL that occurred with and Jose the grammar-impaired PR VP with his "fucking bitch" comment. I read about it on twitter when I was on break from work and immediately took part on Thursday...and I knew that it would go viral because that's how it happens when Jenny is involved. I usually don't read all the comments on her posts because they tend to be "I love you, Jenny" which is nice but not exactly entertaining. This time I read almost every post even though they are just as repetitive as usual. It's like reading a great story with very obvious foreshadowing beginning with Jenny's final statement in her email to Jose, "Please standby for a demonstration in relevancy." And that battle cry brought out her legions and we tweeted and we emailed and we posted and we proved her relevancy. And we all know that the t-shirt will be available soon. And it is wonderful. is a wonderfully funny, smart woman who says the things we all wish we had thought to say and she will be saying them and making money doing it long after Jose has accepted his irrelevance. Off to naptime for the drunkie.

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