Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Change is good.

Last I wrote it was about how hard the work is. This weekend I realized that I am not physically up to doing it and I called the assistant manager to let him know...essentially I quit. I felt badly about it but really couldn't see a positive outcome from the heavy lifting.

I, along with some of my siblings, have badness in my back. I have multiple herniated disks in both my cervical and lumbar spine. Most days my pain level is at about a 2 or a 3 and I do not intend to have surgery for what is mostly just irritating pain. The herniations in my neck are the worst and my neck pain tends to give me more trouble than my low back but that doesn't mean that my low back is pain free; just that it is more constant and lower level.

I don't know why I thought I could successfully do the lifting that working in produce entails and it isn't as if I wasn't warned. I guess I thought it would be a little bit of the work when in reality it's the bulk of it. And my low back was definitely letting me know there was a problem with that. So I called in quit and though that was the end of it.

I received a call this morning from the personnel manager asking me if I was willing to continue working in a different position that doesn't require heavy lifting. I agreed to becoming a cashier and will be training for the next 3 days. There is still a little bit of lifting but nothing like in produce.

It never entered my mind that Walmart would invite me to continue working there after giving no notice and I was really impressed that they were willing to find a different position for me. The managers made it clear that they like me and want me to continue working there. That was very nice and really unexpected.

I will write about working as a cashier once I do that. Melissa did this job at K-Mart before she joined the Air Force and I know she hated it. We will have to see if I feel the same way.

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